Competition subwoofers differ from your average car subwoofer in the sense that they are going to have a much bigger demand on your power, but can definitely show why they need to take up so much, as the best competition subwoofers can play music quite loudly but so well and clearly that you can practically throw a street party with them. Because of the amount of power that these demand, sometimes even just one subwoofer of this caliber can make a world of difference in your car—but how does one distinguish between a power-hungry hunk of plastic, and a true technological innovation that’s worth splashing out the cash? If you’re wondering how you’re going to get started on launching some audio craziness, check out some of these highly-recommended subwoofers and see if you’re interested!

Remember that even if you’re tempted to choose cheaper models, everything really comes down to the durability and proper fit of these subwoofers. No matter how good those sound in the store when you test them, if they’re not going to fit in your car, you’ll only be wasting money. Similarly, if they seem like a steal now, be careful because they may be made from inferior materials that will get easily damaged or will deteriorate unless there’s rigorous maintenance—and who has time to do that? It’s better to blow a lot more cash now but enjoy your subwoofers for years and years to come, as opposed to having to replace something you just bought a few months ago. If you keep these things in mind, you won’t have any trouble finding one that suits your taste and budget!

VM Audio Encore Competition Car Audio Subwoofer

VM Audio Encore Competition Car Audio SubwooferThese subwoofers are very affordable and are quite well-made. The large design and the size of the magnets in this VM Audio offer mean that you can enjoy plenty of thrumming bass lines. This particular model can take up to 1500 watts of RMS power, and it has a peak power of 3000 watts. Worried about durability in the long run? The sturdy rubber surround will keep it in place and prevent sound leakage. It also has a die-cast stamped steel basket that’s rust-treated, so humid or moist conditions will have minimal impact on your listening experience, and distortion will be eliminated from sound transmission.

As an added protection against rust, these competition subwoofers are made with nickel-plated wire connection terminals, which will prevent rapid oxidation. The dynamic cone that is included in its design also creates an even transmission of sound vibrations, making for a crisp and clear projection of every single note from these babies, even when you turn up the volume to its maximum potential. The deep piston cone diaphragm in particular makes bass notes sound extra clear. Just make sure that you keep them in a good enclosure box, and they should work just fine no matter what you’re playing!

ORION HCCA152 15″ 4000 Watt Dual 2 Ohm Voice Coil Subwoofer HCCA-152

ORION HCCA152 4000 Watt Dual 2 Ohm Voice Coil SubwooferThese come very highly rated in various review websites for many good reasons: these subwoofers from Orion manage power excellently, as it can take up to 2000 Watts RMS and a peak power of 4000 Watts. The spider cone is also very durable, as it is made from polyester amide, and is resin-coated to create dense layers that do not muffle your sound transmission or create inconsistencies in projection, regardless of whether it’s playing mids, lows or highs for your listening pleasure. The spider assembly of the cone also allows each note to travel evenly throughout the entire subwoofer, maximizing clarity.

The enhanced coil cooling systems also ensure that there’s no overheating even if you’ve been playing music for hours and hours at any point of the day, so whatever the weather conditions or the temperature in your car, it won’t affect how sound is transmitted, making every note as clear as crystal to your ears. It’s a little demanding in terms of power, but these subwoofers will play at maximum volume so well that your car windows will shake—and the increased volume won’t create screeching or buzzing unlike in other inferior models! It’s particularly recommended that you combine these with an amplifier that can take it, because it will definitely transform your car!

Power Acoustik MOFO 12-Inch Competition Subwoofer Dual 2-Ohm Voice Coils

Power Acoustik MOFO 12-Inch Competition SubwooferThis Power Acoustik subwoofer similarly earns heaps of praise for the strength and innovation of its design, making for a sturdy subwoofer that impresses even the most jaded audiophiles because of how much it performs as compared to the price range these subwoofers fall under. For starters, these babies already come with a sense of security for the buyer, as they have recone kits that go with them in case repairs are needed at some point—and given the make of these subwoofers plus the ninety-day standard warranty on them, you may not need this solution for quite some time. The bass in particularly sounds very clean when played by these Power Acoustik subwoofers, and harmonizes well with the other notes in terms of sound projection on these—you won’t be experiencing any of the oft-complained muddiness that plagues even some competition subwoofers and your average car speakers.

Many people buy only one of these, but that’s fine, as the sheer strength of vibration that these have when you play music often fool the average listener into thinking that you have a complete set—a nifty trick if you’re looking to save a bit. The heatsink will prevent your subs from going up in flames even with the cloth paper composite of these subwoofers, and the UV foam surround will go a long way towards keeping it useful for years to come. It’s worth the money and more if you’re considering this option! The excellent price point for Power Acoustik means that many people do end up getting these over more well-known brands—after all, these subwoofers are just as good and sturdily built, with double stacked batteries to boot, and this is all available at much more affordable prices for consumers.

JBL W12GTI MKII 12″ Subwoofer – Each (Black)

JBL W12GTI MKII 12Inch SubwooferFor those who are skeptical about brand names or prices, this subwoofer model by JBL is enough to convert even the truly hesitant into sound equipment enthusiasts, as it strikes a good balance between increased volume and sound clarity in one neat little package for your car if you want to shake up the neighborhood. This JBL subwoofer is sometimes underrated by those who favor flashier models, it is nonetheless praised by those in the know as one amazing little subwoofer that projects incredibly strong bass without losing any sound quality. It comes with a good frequency response that ranges from 18Hz to 1kHz.

If you’re worried about the quality of the materials it’s made of, the progressive spider, Kevlar cone and the cast-aluminum frame of this JBL product should have you heaving a sigh of relief—after all, nothing says durable quite like a bulletproof subwoofer cone does. With 700 Watts RMS and 4000 Watts for its peak power, it’s going to be a bit of a power gulper, but it definitely delivers all that it promises in its 12 inch frame! Pair this with a well-made vented enclosure box to keep it in place without compromising the sound. Worried that these are so strong that your rattling windows will have them jiggling? Don’t worry—the nitrile butadiene rubber surround of these subwoofers will significantly reduce any sound leakage and keep all parts firmly in place so you can play your music as loudly as you please!


Now that you have all these options on the market to choose from, there’s no need to settle for the speakers that come straight from the factory. If you’re really dissatisfied with what you have, why not check out these options? An excellent competition subwoofer can really add a whole new dimension to your everyday listening in your car, so whether you’re fiddling with the AM tuner to find out what’s hot on the radio, or playing a fresh release from your favorite new artist, every track is going to sound absolutely amazing when it plays! Road trips will become a lot more fun when you have a sound system that utilizes wonderful subwoofers.

Daily drives will also become less monotonous when you have something to listen to—and you won’t be frustrated by a bad sound system that lets you down and adds to your stress just when you need entertainment the most. Keep your wallet and space limitations in mind, and you’re sure to have no problems whatsoever setting up any of these four subwoofers in your car. These are just some suggestions to get you started, but they are also some of the most highly-rated and frequently-bought on the market thanks to their various features and consistently good performance, so do consider that when you make your final choice!

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