Longing for a best upgrade to your usual listening experience by having 15 inch subwoofer, but not sure where to start? An amplifier may be an okay place to start, but what that will mostly do is help you turn up the volume even further. If you really want to make a difference to the music or broadcasts you listen to, and give yourself some relief from the occasional buzzing or tinny noises of an overworked, overheated and subpar factory speaker set, why not relieve your woes by shopping around for a reasonably priced subwoofer that’s well made and carefully designed to last? A few things you should remember before you finally settle on a purchase for your car.

First is that you should be certain that the dimensions of your new subwoofer will line up with the space you can allot for it—after all, sound quality and a flawless design is all well and good, but if it’s much too big for your daily ride, you’re better off looking elsewhere. While some adjustments can also be made if it’s too small, you may be frustrated by fiddling with a jig saw or enclosures, so it’s really best that you get as close to an exact fit as you can.

Another is that you don’t actually have to force yourself to sacrifice your budget, as many well-known brands and less-known ones are coming out with models for every price point you can think of—so don’t let yourself be dazzled yet by the monstrous, yet hideously expensive subwoofer you see in the store. Lastly, even if it sounds good in-store when you test it, take note of the fact that stores refuse to let you crank it up all the way, so it’s hard to gauge if there really won’t be any distortion at higher levels; thus you should pay attention to any word of mouth online.

It can be quite difficult to discern which one is really right for your car, but if you’re searching various sites and physical stores for a good subwoofer, here’s a quick peek at some of our fresh picks to get you started.

Rockford Fosgate P3D2-15 Punch P3 DVC 2 Ohm 15-Inch 600 Watts RMS 1200 Watts Peak Subwoofer

Rockford Fosgate P3D2-15 Punch P3Here’s a well-known brand to start with, with a series that consistently scores highly in comparative reviews no matter where you go. Rockford Fosgate’s Punch subwoofer series is designed to deliver an incredibly rich and nuanced bass projection at any volume, wrapped in clean and sleek designs that maximize Rockford Fosgate’s technology. One feature to take particular note of is its voice coil—not only is it made with anodized aluminum formers to ensure your subwoofers cool down in a trice, it also manages power handling so well that the coils themselves won’t be damaged whenever you turn your sound system on, making for long-term usage that eliminates the worry of constant part replacement and maintenance which plagues even some of the most high-end subwoofers.

The stitched tinsel leads spread the stress that vibrations put on the subwoofer as well along the entire design and allow for its rapid dissipation, while remaining as light as possible on the body of the subwoofer itself. Worried about how this will stay in place in your car with your volume up to its breaking point? It comes with a durable and flexible rubber mold that absorbs external distortion and has a gentle but firm grip to surfaces, making that a non-issue. This subwoofer is definitely one to keep in mind.

Pyle PLPW15D 15-Inch 2000 Watt Dual 4 Ohm Subwoofer

Pyle PLPW15D 15-Inch 2000 Watt Dual 4 Ohm SubwooferDon’t be fooled by the minimalist, clean design and lines of this Pyle subwoofer—it packs quite a wallop in its small body, with 1000 Watts RMS and a maximum output of up to 2000 Watts, and a 2.5-inch Single Voice coil at 4 ohms performing just as well as larger, shinier models. Getting this offering from Pyle will definitely breathe some fresh air into your tired factory sound system. This dual 4-ohm impedance allows sound to travel crisply and cleanly at varying volume levels, and works well not just for bass tones, but for sharp highs and mellower mids—now that’s a great buy for any car owner!

It also comes with a light foam surround that does the job just as well as rubber, and without the warm plastic smell that sometimes comes when you’ve been playing some tracks all day. The stamped steel basket will keep it sturdy for years to come. It also has a unique feature: the non-press paper cone of this subwoofer creates a good surface for sound transmission. As a finishing touch, it comes with a non-fatiguing rubber suspension, so you can be certain that the more fragile components of this subwoofer are adequately protected without compromising the intense, bouncing bass you can expect from a rugged Pyle subwoofer!

Power Acoustik MOFO Competition Subwoofer 15″

Power Acoustik MOFO Competition SubwooferPower Acoustik can be counted on to provide you competition subwoofers that fit perfectly in your car and are designed excellently. Think about how loudly you can turn it up for whatever reason if you get one of their amazing subwoofers! This one is particularly beloved by audiophiles for its strong bass projection, and there’s no surprise why it can do that at such a reasonable price point for consumers. Packing power management of 1700 Watts RMS, and a strong maximum of 3000 Watts, you’ll be able to get your car windows shaking in a snap with this beauty.

Heating over time and usage, which is the perennial enemy of sound equipment, is solved thanks to this model’s aluminum reinforcement fins that come with an aluminum dust cap—giving it a modern finish while working in tandem with the heatsink to keep overheating at bay. Its cloth paper composite keeps it lightweight, but its dual stacked 340 Oz. Strontium Ferrite Magnets mean it can deliver one heck of a performance with ease. To make the most out of this model, hook it up to some decent amplifiers and put it in a proper custom enclosure box. This subwoofer can really hit it hard even if you’re working with a limited budget.

2 VM Audio SRW15 Car Subwoofers 15-Inch

2 VM Audio SRW15 Car Subwoofers 15-InchStill haven’t found what you’ve been looking for yet? This VM Audio subwoofer won’t let you down if you pick it. This one comes with a wide and strong rubber surround that is resistant to moisture and is built precisely to perform just as well in harsh or balmy weather conditions. It also has an excellent, sensitive frequency response of 25Hz at the least, with a maximum of 500Hz—quite a range for the price! The cooling system allows the voice coils to directly cool as well without the need for a specialized heatsink component, and the large damping spider allows clean transmission of any range, making you feel like you’re right next to the artist when you’re putting on a track on your sound system!

It’s also quite versatile, as this subwoofer has configurable impedances of single 2 Ohm/8 Ohm or dual 4 Ohm—it’s your pick to make it compatible with whatever system you have rigged up. And with power of 600 watts that goes all the way up to 1200 watts for its maximum capacity, you’re guaranteed to have a good time when you turn on your system and go for a drive anywhere. Even cheaper amplifiers sound a lot better just by being hooked up to a setup including this little number!

Final Verdict

Think of these four as just a sampling of choices in an ocean of options for the interested buyer. All of them have features that you should certainly be looking for in the model that you choose, so even if you don’t end up with any of these, at least you’ll have an idea of what you want and what you can expect, and you won’t just limit yourself to pricier brand names and flashier models that end up underperforming over time, forcing you to shell out extra in the long haul. But why give yourself an unnecessary, massive migraine when these models are definitely four of the best you can find anywhere, whether in a physical store or on an online retailer’s site?

Give yourself a real treat on your daily driving trip with any of these subwoofers, and you won’t have to be frustrated with muffled playing or distorted music again, nor will you be plagued by the cost and stress of constantly replacing or repairing parts that should have been made to last from the very beginning. Be kind to your ears, your car and your wallet, and make a decision that’s informed and not impulsive—after all, subwoofers, like any car component, are an investment and should not be a waste of your money and efforts. You can count on any of these to be worth it.

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